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Confidence, Look Within

While on the outside I smile and usually appear to have it all together, on the inside I question myself. Furthermore, I question my actions, therefore occasionally worrying about how others will perceive me. As a result, I have held myself back from my potential. I have allowed myself to be content, and to become complacent.

The many faces of FEAR

In many cases, it is those nasty little things we silently tell ourselves that stops us from succeeding. Furthermore, those old tapes stop us dead in our tracks before we even make an effort to do something different.

I Love My Family…BUT

Why is it that he can cook the most fantastic dinner and leave the clean up for me? My husband can cook…he does it effortlessly, which is a HUGE bonus for our family, otherwise we would live on pancakes and cereal. But does every inch of the kitchen have to be covered with something?

How Do You Fill YOUR Cup?

I became a mother. Being a mom forces me to tell others no, as my priorities need to be at home. Conversely, that means I need to take care of myself and fill my cup with what makes me happy. When mama isn’t happy, no one in the house is happy. Like it or not, I am the one who sets the tone for the day and teaches my boys that they have the power to choose their attitudes. I need to take time to refill my energies, my passions.

From Wimpy to Wrap Warrior

If you have a child, know someone who has a child or have seen people who have had a child, you know it can wreak havoc on the body.  Multiple pregnancies can turn a once happy woman into someone unrecognizable.  Don’t get me wrong, I will never regret having my...

Perception is Reality

In life there will be some people who just don’t like you. Doesn’t matter who you are… Doesn’t matter what you’ve done…or NOT done. Doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear or job you have. Some people will just not like you. Everyone of us has our own perception...