What is a Wellness Warrior?  One who exudes strength…

What is a Wellness Warrior? One who exudes strength…

What is the definition of a wellness warrior?

In my mind, a wellness warrior is someone who never gives up.

No matter what life throws at them, they brush it off, pull up their boot straps and stand tall, making eye contact with doubt, failure, and adversity.

It is someone who refuses to back down.

It is someone who refuses to stay down.

It is someone who takes their injuries, their surgeries, their letdowns, their grief, and they turn it into something positive.

To me, a wellness warrior is someone who refuses to stay down.

To me, wellness encompasses the physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual aspects of a person.

In my opinion, to be whole, one must always strive to be healthier in all aspects.

Personally, I have long history of struggling with my own wellness.   Prior to being a mom, I never thought twice about what I put into my body, let alone how I cared for myself physically.  After having my children at the ages of 39 and 40 put a huge strain on me physically, and while I thank God daily for my boys, my body was not nearly as eager as my heart was for the experiences.

The next five years brought surgery after surgery and injury after injury.  Honestly, every time I began a work out regime, I would either end up in the hospital or injured.  It would have been easy to say “fxxk it”, I’m done.  However, I have two little boys and an amazing husband who depend on me.  I owe it to myself to get back into the game and show all of us that I am worth fighting for.

It is a personal decision for each and every one of us.  We need to ask our self what wellness warrior means to us.  We need to honestly assess whether we are where we want to be, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually, and if not, we need to take the necessary steps to move forward.

After all, you are worth it!  However, until you believe that, you will stay where you are.

Are you ready to #beabetteryou?

I certainly am!  We are stronger together than we are alone.


random thoughts…

Summer is for sleeping in, right?

Not in my house.  My oldest son, Zach has always been an early riser.  I joke about it being God’s sense of humor, since I love to sleep.  We are talking rising early at 5:30 or 6:00 AM….yes, AM!

Prior to having children, the only time I had ever seen 5:30 AM was if I was up from the night before!  So being a mommy to Zach has been a challenge to this woman.  I have had to adjust my sleeping patterns and my attitude.  After all, an infant doesn’t understand a crabby mommy, all he wants is a mommy that attends to his needs.

This same child also stopped napping at the age of two.  At that time, his younger brother was an infant and still needed his naps, unfortunately, so did Zach’s mommy.

Again, we adapted.  I incorporated “quiet time” in our home.  For a specific time each day, Zach could lay quietly and watch a movie of his choice…that way mommy could still close her eyes on the days that Kyler also cooperated.

Five years later, I still look forward to quiet time, although I am not sure the boys do!

Random thoughts

I like to mow the lawn…

I love the fact that when I am out moving I can let my thoughts just wander to the drone of the mower.  I could care less about straight lines, although I make an attempt to make them.  I also miss spots, and it is easy to tell when I became preoccupied by my thoughts because the longer blades show through.

Today,  I found many rocks in my yard…I found my mind wandering to when I was a child and my dad would ask me to go pick up the sticks so he could mow.  Today I couldn’t help but wonder if I should blame the kids or the dogs for the randomly placed rocks throughout the yard?

We have a “river walk of rocks” placed strategically through a berm and trees and all of the babies seem to be attracted to it.  Unfortunately, the rocks end up throughout the area, which can create a tad bit of a hazard when I mow.

Tonight, I just smiled as I tossed the rocks back into their home and caught myself thanking God for my blessings.  After all, how boring would my life be if I mowed straight lines, created every blade even and had no rocks in my path?