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I see you…when the thread unravels…

Right now you are wondering if I am fuckin crazy and that’s ok, sometimes I wonder that myself. What I am trying to say is that at some point in our lives we have done too much. We have committed to too many things. At some point in our lives (or maybe multiple times) we have put our needs behind every other person we know. And we are fricken exhausted.

Uninspired, but still motivated.

This is for you, my friend. To the woman who feels frustrated with her wellness. For the amazing woman whose wellness journey has stalled. I am writing to a woman who rewards herself with that little piece of candy. Read on if you are the woman who hates looking in the mirror or you are the woman who refuses to have her pictures taken.This is for you from me…🌟keep going 🌟you are worthy🌟you are beautiful

Embracing 50: age is just an illusion

I moved into my first apartment, purchased a pack of smokes and a six pack and consumed both while sitting in front of my giangantuaous platform tv watching Beverly Hills 90210 (I didn’t smoke, just like the independence). Suddenly, I was a somewhat self-respecting grownup who paid my own bills and was fast realizing that there was more to the world than going out and being social.