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Back to school shopping for dummies

So, with one week left until school starts, we grab our list and head to the nearest store for our supplies. Parking is easy enough and we bravely head into the store to find out that every other person in the parking lot is also in the school supplies section.


Honestly, that pisses me off. I am so irritated that I would allow my own self-perception to limit the impact I may have on others. yet, I still get frustrated with myself when I am going to meet someone and I can’t find anything that looks “just right”. I forget that five years ago I was undergoing major surgery that required extensive recovery. Or that 7 years ago I have just given birth. My body has been through changes that apparently my mind has forgotten.

Confidence, Look Within

While on the outside I smile and usually appear to have it all together, on the inside I question myself. Furthermore, I question my actions, therefore occasionally worrying about how others will perceive me. As a result, I have held myself back from my potential. I have allowed myself to be content, and to become complacent.