Beth Sharma, Working with Intention

Beth Sharma, Working with Intention

Beth Sharma is a force to be reckoned with. This woman knows adversity and works hard to help others overcome it. After all, it takes courage to move 7 kids from sunny California to the Snowy Midwest; however, that’s exactly what this intentional mama did. As Beth shares, “I’m a Midwest girl trapped in a California body” so she loaded up 7 of her ten children and moved closer to her family in Nebraska. Initially, Beth and I had connected via social media before she made the move and from the moment we began chatting, I knew we were kindred souls.  After all, it’s hard not to gravitate towards Beth. Her dynamic personality pulls you in and you just can’t help but smile when she shares her story.

I couldn’t help but probe into Beth’s background. I wanted to find out who she was at her very core and what makes her so passionate at this stage in her life. After all, she is a single mom, a fierce networker, an encourager, a rescuer, a business owner and a connector.  How does one person accomplish all of that?


Beth is intentional with her time. First and foremost she is a mom to her children. They come first in her life and all that she does; she is able to do around their schedules. Beth new early on that she wanted to raise her children. As a 23-year-old new mom, she initially went to work in the corporate world for a few years before realizing she wanted to be home with her babies. So she made it happen.

She began volunteering at her church and making friends. Looking back, Beth was networking without even knowing she was networking. To her, she was just being a friend for those who needed her.  She saw a demand in her community for someone to mentor young moms and with her church, she began a leadership group of 100 women and lead a team of 25 to empower those young moms. To Beth that movement was more than mentoring, it was about giving hope to those young women. It was about celebrating everyday victories. It was about providing role models to those who needed them.


Beth treats others as she wants to be treated.  She knows what it is liked to be overlooked and doesn't want any person to ever feel that way. Click To TweetTo anyone looking in, she appears put together and in control, however, she will tell you her life is messy. After all, how can it not be with a family who needs and deserves one on one time with their mama? Actually, it was her messy life that helped launch her to where she is today. She wanted to take control of her destiny and when she saw an opportunity, she took it.

One day Beth was with a friend and fell in love with her friend’s amazing leggings. Actually, her words were” whatever those are, I love them and I am going to sell them”. The next day she became a direct sales rep for Ruby Leggings, where she has the opportunity to help women look and feel comfortable in their own skin. Two years later, she is financially rewarded for doing what she was already doing…being an authentic friend.

Creating a Sisterhood

For Beth, friendship is more than a mere connection. She envisions a world of sisterhood where she can change lives and give hope to others. By creating a network of women who lift one another up, she is giving hope and providing a safe place for those who are seeking positive change.

For someone who holds others in such high esteem, she downplays her own role in the lives of others. It is refreshing to meet a truly authentic woman who intentionally raises others higher. She is loyal to the core and once you meet her, you will feel her genuine intentions via her words and actions.

Connect with Beth Sharma

Beth would love to connect with you. Find her on FB via her Business Page, Beth Sharma, It’s Possible. To learn more about her amazing clothing business, visit her website and see the styles that stole her heart and allow her to build a legacy for her family. After all, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to look back with a smile, knowing they not only made a new friend, but someone who will lift them higher and help them reach levels they didn’t know were achievable. Remember, we are stronger together.






Stop and Madness!

Seriously, take a look through the internet and you will find pictures of every shape and size of people trying to tell you to buy their product in order to lose weight. I admit it, as an It Works Rep, I am continuously making suggestions to my friends about a product that will help them look or feel better.

Did you catch that? Look or Feel better.

Intellectually, I know that beauty comes from within. First and foremost, you have to give your body proper nourishment. As a result of proper nourishment, you can expect beautiful skin, healthy hair and strong nails. Proper nourishment can also help you maintain a healthy gut that will reduce bloating and keep you regular.

The right nutrients will assist you in keeping a strong immune system, and high energy level.  I believe in plant-based products, so when I have a friend who has a need, of course, I want to provide them with the top of the line supplements that will enhance their wellness. If I didn’t share what I believe to be amazing, what kind of friend would I be?

Who am I do decide who is worthy of these products and who isn’t?


Beauty is also subjective. I put out a question the other day on my FB page asking what people thought was sexy. Ironically, the number one response was confidence Click To Tweet. It had little to do with physical attributes at all! So why on earth do we waste so much time worrying about our appearance?

Consider the impact that social media also brings.  We now have a new opportunity to compare ourselves with others. Unfortunately, we rarely know what photo is real and what has been altered. Therefore, unrealistic expectations continue to push us to a new level of frustration and negative thinking. Social media also offers an opportunity to participate in behind the scenes bashing.  We have all been there. Consider when we post a photo that we actually like of our self and someone says something derogatory. From that point on, the majority of us will remove that photo and begin to focus on the aforementioned negative area.

Stop the Madness

Just stop.

I tell myself this daily and honestly, there are days I tell myself that hourly. I am a woman. My body has given me babies. I have endured multiple surgeries and injuries. Yet, because of my physical appearance, I was reluctant to become an It Works Rep or a trainer at my gym. I was worried about how other people would perceive me and my products and services.

Honestly, that pisses me off. I am so irritated that I would allow my own self-perception to limit the impact I may have on others. Yet, I still get frustrated with myself when I am going to meet someone and I can’t find anything that looks “just right”.  I forget that five years ago I was undergoing major surgery that required extensive recovery. Or that 7 years ago I have just given birth.  My body has been through changes that apparently my mind has forgotten.

Embrace YOU

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. For instance, I LOVE my skin care line because it makes my skin look and feel fresh and glowing. However, globally, there is a sense of shame in wanting to do things to enhance our beauty. Seriously, what kind of crap is that? Why is it that we are shamed if we don’t look a certain way. When did it become the norm to be judged if we don’t fit into a certain size, and why are mocked for wanting to look and feel amazing?

I call bullshit.

Here is my advice.  Be comfortable in your skin. Enhance what make YOU stand out from the crowd. Let yourself be pampered. You work hard and you deserve some love too. Stop letting comparison steal your joy. When you continue to worry about your appearance, you lose out on the moments happening before your eyes. Stop the madness.


Personally, I have vacillated between 115 and 175 my adult life. Could I be a size 5? Probably. However, I am NOT willing to give up the things I enjoy and revert back to skin and bones. As a mom, I don’t want my boys to see an unhealthy person who is always so worried about my appearance that I won’t share that delicious dessert with them.

I want them to see me as a determined woman who works hard at her businesses and who works out because I want to be strong. They have watched me use my wraps and understand them to be a skin care treatment (which they are). They see my passion for helping others and my focus on being healthy and strong.

So, my friends, mock away. I love when I see memes regarding no wraps, pills or gimmicks. I know what it takes to become stronger…it takes exercising and watching what you eat. Additionally, I know that many people need some help overcoming a plateau or to feel less guilty after a cheat meal. Honestly, I don’t care what you have to do to focus on your own wellness, just do something and believe you are worth it.

Because you are!


Is it Fulfillment or a Title?

Is it Fulfillment or a Title?

While at the gym recently, a member asked me if I am fulfilled.

I am a mother, a wife, a puppy mom, a small business owner, a volunteer, an advocate, a writer, the Member Services Director for a local gym and a trainer. Am I fulfilled? Click To Tweet

I have an advanced degree, I continually push myself out of my comfort zone and I routinely accept new challenges…but am I fulfilled?

What is fulfilled?

One thing I am is tired.  Absolutely fucking exhausted.  I tend to overextend myself and forget to stay in the moment.  I feel as though I can do many things, however, I am not sure I do any of them well.  Is that fulfillment?

For me, fulfillment is a sense of accomplishment.  When I received my BSW, I was accomplished.  I barely graduated from high school with a diploma, so receiving a college degree was pretty cool. However, I wanted more.  For me, there is a sense of never reaching a goal because I keep changing where the golden ring is placed.  I keep setting the bar higher and higher.

Is that a bad thing?  I don’t believe so.  I am not one to be content.  I have an internal drive within me that pushes me to do more and be more.  However, I am not afraid to stop and do nothing and sometimes I shut down and do just that.  I restore, I connect with God, I connect with my family and I just let myself be.

But the next day I am up and moving toward another unseen goal.

Fulfillment in a title

For me, fulfillment is an illusion.  It is something people strive for when they continue to push themselves into new and scary adventures.  It is something external that they strive for.  Perhaps it is confused with recognition or accolades.

For me, fulfillment is internal.  What’s fulfilling for me is when my children recognize how hard their mom works.  My boys often ask how many businesses I own or where I am working as I drive them to school.  More importantly, my boys participate in my businesses and I hope I am teaching them a strong work ethic.

What I find fulfilling is when I hear my son tell me he loves me and he puts his little arms around my neck.  I may be many things, but the golden ring goes to the title of being a mother.  After years of being a child abuse specialist, knowing that I am impacting the lives of these living and breathing littles is indeed fulfilling.

Of all the titles, degrees and businesses I add to my name, being called mommy, mom, and mama are at the top of the list.  And I will continue to strive to be what God has trusted me to be.  And I will pray often for His guidance in helping me be who the boys need.  Everything I work for is done around my boys.  I am the first person they see when they awaken and I am the last person they see before they close their eyes at night.

For me, that is fulfillment.  So in answer to my client’s question. Am I fulfilled? Yes, I can confidently say that I am.

They lied – A MLM mom Confession

They lied – A MLM mom Confession

I am THAT mom.  Four years ago I signed up to be an It Works Rep and I have a confession, several, actually.  I absolutely love what I do!  That being said, this business isn’t for the faint of heart.  Intrigued?  Read on.

Confession, They lied

If someone tells you this business is easy, they are flat out lying to you Click To Tweet Unless you love hearing the word NO twenty times a day.  If you are afraid of what others think of you, this business probably isn’t for you.  And if you can’t handle people not returning your messages, texts or calls. you may need to look at working somewhere else.


Let me tell you It is not easy money either.  The money does not just fall into your lap.  You will not get rich within one month.  Of course, there are always the exceptions, those who rise to the top quickly, and their stories are phenomenal!  But they are not the norm.  It takes practice, it takes belief, and it takes determination.  The majority of people quit before they even give it a chance.

Confession, It’s Worth It

Is it worth it?  YES!  I will emphatically tell you yes, it is.  WHEN you choose to invest in yourself ( because let’s be honest, when you purchase a business, you are investing in you) the benefits far outweigh the negatives.  In most instances, when you purchase your business, you also purchase training and support.  IF you actually do your training (the majority do not) and IF you connect with your company and your team (the majority do not), your will be on your way to an amazing journey.

You will learn to integrate your business into your life.  You will have opportunities to stretch yourself in ways you never before considered.  In most cases, you will have the chance to connect with people who share your ideal goals and you can learn from watching them in action.

How do you choose?

This may be the most difficult part of your journey.  How do you choose a business that is right for you?  In my experience, the following are key to success:

  • love the products – you must love your products in order to passionately share your results with others.  For me, it is similar to recommending a favorite food or service.  When I find something I love, I feel the need to share it with the world!  After all, everyone should have the opportunity to be as happy as I am!
  • research the company – While many people love to join a company that is starting up, I advise looking for an established one. You can find positive and negative reviews for anything and you need to look past those.  For me, a key point was that my company was debt free and had been for years.  They continue to try to do the same for their distributors.  I also loved that this company is Christian based and I had the opportunity to see this for myself.
  • unique product – Having a product that can only be purchased through you will help you to stand out.  It is far more difficult to sell something that can be purchased at the local department store.  Represent something that is unique.
  • pray about it – it’s scary to make the launch into being a business owner and it isn’t to be taken lightly.  Before I signed on, I researched, talked with my other half and prayed for guidance.  Truth be told, I still do today because my business is about so much more than just me.
  • consider the financial investment – some companies offer a minimal start up fee.  While that may be appealing, be sure you are on board with the products being sold, or you will be throwing your money away.  Look at the compensation plan (it may not make sense when you first look at it, but over time, it will).  You want to be able to make your initial investment back.
  • understand residual income – this is one of the key draws of direct sales.  After all, don’t we all love the opportunity to earn money over and over after one sale?

Confession – It is a Process

You can and should do all of your training, however, the best way for you to be successful is to be consistent.  Trust your upline, your sponsor, your team to guide you.  You will say stupid things that you wish you could take back and that’s ok, it humanizes you.
Self-growth will take you farther than success in your business…it will make your more confident in every aspect of your life.
A brick and mortar store typically takes 5-7 years to see profits.  You can see profits from your Multi level marketing business so much faster by making the decision to work.
So take the chance.  You will never know what you are capable of if you stay in the shadows and watch everyone else.  After all, you are worth it so take charge of your own destiny!



Join Me!

4 yours as investment in ME! Confessions of an MLM mom
Excuses, Which One is Yours?

Excuses, Which One is Yours?

Excuses are an opportunity to fail

Excuses. They are ways we rationalize to ourselves that we can not and will not do something. Click To Tweet The majority of us probably know at least five people who are in direct sales, and many of them have probably asked you to join with them.  In my business, I have heard more excuses than you can imagine, however, the following are the top 5 reasons people don’t join direct sales.  Ready?

 Top 5 Excuses

  1.  I am not a salesperson – um, I said the same thing and quite frankly, I don’t consider myself one either.  That being said, I am a good “sharesperson”.  What’s the difference?  Let me give you an example.  When I go to the salon and get an amazing haircut, I share it with the world.  Why?  Become I want my friends to experience the same thing I just did, therefore I want them to feel as wonderful as I do and I believe that strongly in my stylist.
  2. No time – duh.  NO one takes on a new opportunity because they have time.  People take on new opportunities because they believe in the products and/or the business itself.  And who is today’s world has any extra time?  I don’t.  So, do you want to know a secret?  The busiest people are the MOST successful in direct sales businesses because they have to be.
  3. I don’t know enough people.  I can tell you that your circle will expand tremendously once you start talking. Furthermore, I have met customers at baseball games, grocery stores, events, and via social media.   And by the way?  I don’t like parties.  Yea, I don’t have many parties.  I held launch parties and I have done some dual parties, otherwise, the majority of my business comes from one on ones.  I am so much better at working with someone in a casual setting where we can just chat.
  4. There are too many reps already…this one makes me laugh for two reasons…the first is that it should tell you how much people love our products and the second is…so what?  We all know different people!
  5. No money to start a business. Ok, let’s do some real talk here.  I know how much I spend on coffee alone…take a look at your spending habits and figure out you can miss a few weeks.  If this is important to you, you will make it happen. Another thought…if you truly don’t have the money, then you NEED this opportunity more than most.

Which one was yours?

Did any of those sound familiar?  Let me ask you this, why do you think someone asked you to join their team?  Could it be they see something in you they want to nurture?  Do you think maybe they would love to work directly with you?  Don’t be so quick to disregard them, direct sales business are on the increase.  People are watching and paying attention whilst alternative income streams are becoming the norm.

Next time someone asks you to join them, take a moment to listen.  If you are intrigued, simply ask for more information.  Excuses often stem from fear, so before you make them, look within yourself to assess what you are afraid of.  After all, you may be pleasantly surprised by what happens when you think outside the box.


Are you ready to stop making excuses?

2 + 15 =

I Love My Family…BUT

I Love My Family…BUT



Whenever someone starts a sentence with ” I love my family, but”, you know whatever follows isn’t gonna be good.  In my case, it is true.  I love my husband, our two boys and three dogs with all my heart.  Chad is my best friend. He makes me a better person…blah blah blah…you have heard it before and you know exactly where I am going.  I am trying to justify what I am going to say  in regard to my family, without sounding like an ungrateful bitch.

But let’s do some REAL talk.

Why is it when couples have kids some crazy unidentified expectations come into play?  Why is it if HE watches the kids, he is babysitting.  Um,first of all, I didn’t have these babies by myself, and it seems like they are just as much YOURS?  How is that babysitting?  Am I babysitting when I have them 24/7?  No?   Because they are MY kids?  I call BS.

Mom or Maid?

Why there is dirty laundry on the stairs for three weeks before someone picks it up?  Of course, that someone is almost ALWAYS ME. Does no one else in this house see it or smell it?

My husband can cook which is a HUGE bonus for our family; but but as a result, every inch of the kitchen is covered with something sticky?

Why is it that NO ONE in this house knows how to do laundry except me?  Do we need to have Laundry 101?  And boys, your clothes do not magically go from the laundry room to your bedroom.  If you are running low on something, it is YOUR job to let me know.

Did you tell me you were out of underwear?  No?  When I ask for how long and you tell me three days, I am in awe.  eww!  No, I don’t want to hug you!  Get your butt in the shower!

Who taught you to put an empty box back in the pantry…and then question me as to why it isn’t full?  Did I know it was empty?  Of course not, you put it back in the pantry EMPTY!  If I don’t know it is empty, it doesn’t go on the list.

Um, football in the house?  I am pretty sure I told all of you to stop throwing the football in the house.  When something gets broke, it comes out of YOUR pocket.   well, crap, you just nailed me in the face and I am not sure how much that will cost you…good throw though, your arm is really getting strong!

Yes, you can have a puppy.  YOU are responsible for training and taking care of her though.  Fast forward two years and who walks her?  Feeds her?  Trains her?  Good question.

What’s a day off?

My husband lectured me the other day about wearing myself out.  He says I overextend myself and I need to stop doing that.


What happens when you take a day off?

This is what I return to…

A never ending amount of dirty dishes that need to be done.

More laundry that needs to be washed and put away.

An alarming amount of vacuuming that needs to happen.

The kids didn’t get their meds.

Or family house is a fricken disaster.

There is no dog food.

And finally, the garage door is broke.

Consequently, I am exhausted.

So, why don’t we take a day off?  Because it is hard to relax when we know our work will have doubled in the time we nap.  Fortunately my husband is not fanatical about the house being spotless, if he was, he would need to hire a maid.  I am pretty sure that title wasn’t in our marriage vows.

Want to do something nice for me honey?

Just a thought, buy me this and take the kids to a movie.

it works peppermint scrubBuy Now!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!  While you are doing that, I will enjoy two hours of silence with no one to create a disaster…except the puppy and her pals and I can sound them out with some loud tunes. Seems like a win win situation for all of us.  After all, when mom is happy, so is her family.