Vibrating plates at Great Vibrations

In a world of instant gratification, it seems that everyone wants something yesterday.  Therefore, once a goal has been set if results aren’t immediate, that goal is no longer imperative.  Wellness is no exception.  As people age and become increasingly concerned with their overall health, many are looking for a quick fix.

What Makes A Gym

If you quickly do an internet search for Wellness you will find there are a variety of options that promise quick fixes.  Many of those introduce the opportunity to lose weight quickly.  Others offer the assurance that by using their product, you will feel better and look better instantly.  Subsequently, you will also find a variety of gyms in your immediate area, many of them providing you with a slew of different options for increasing your overall wellness.

What is more important in a gym, knowledge of staff or the cost of participation? Do the majority of people choose a gym based on previous experiences or in regard to what is offered?  It appears everyone is increasingly busy and as a result, rarely schedule in time for a full workout.  So, would we be more apt to utilize a 30-minute workout?  Furthermore, is it possible for a 30-minute workout to provide optimum results?

Vibrating Plates at Great Vibrations

It is with a vibrating plate.  This revolutionary technique is already being utilized by all of the NFL teams and Elite trainers from all over the world.  Why?  Vibrating plates utilize G-Force and the natural gravitation of your body. Vibrating anywhere from 30-45 times per second, vibrating plates force your muscles to work at 90% efficiency.  As a result, you fatigue faster while increasing lean muscle. Consequently, continued and regular use of a vibrating plate may also increase flexibility, increase bone density, increase metabolism, and provide a strong core.

Omaha is fortunate to have three unique gyms utilizing vibrating plates.  Aaron McKim is the CEO/Owner of Great Vibrations and credits the popularity of his gyms to today’s specific needs.  “Most people have no time, maintain little knowledge of HOW to train, have injuries, and have not had professional assistance with their wellness”.  After defining those key issues, he created a gym where he offers affordable options with direct professional assistance.  

Why McKim?

McKim has Master’s Degrees in both exercise physiology and nutrition in addition to two decades of experience managing gyms.  He utilizes those degrees to provide client centered workouts for everyone under his supervision.  Many times when people experience an injury from training, they heal and return to exactly what they were doing when the injury occurred.  Unfortunately, according to McKim, all people are not meant to participate in all exercises.  Consequently, getting to know a client’s health history, including nutrition and ongoing injuries, assists McKim in designing an intense workout with appropriate modifications.

Relationships are Key at Great Vibrations

McKim also works directly with other wellness providers in the area and offers their services within the gyms.  By knowing his clients on a more personal level, he is able to provide optimum guidance on both physical wellness and on the nutritional level.  Hence, increasing his clients chance of successfully meeting their goals.

Karen began attending Great Vibrations 4 years ago after she saw a Groupon advertising the gym.  After a significant back surgery left her feeling weak and out of shape, she began attending regular sessions.  She gained strength as she continued to increase her intensity of her workout sessions. She credits her relationship with her trainer and having individually based routines with keeping her coming back.

It is estimated that people who go to a gym and try to work out without assistance AND get desired results to be at 1/10th of 1 percent. Therefore, the rest of the population often becomes frustrated if they do not see immediate changes and stop going to the gym.
Great Vibrations offers a fitness program that works for anybody.  How is that possible? It takes honesty and accountability from both trainer and client.  The majority of people find success in a program when they are held accountable.  As a result, with classes of 5 or less, it is easy to identify when a member is absent and follow up with them. Additionally, clients often receive motivation from one another to perform optimally.

Try it Out

Intrigued?  Go to their website: to learn more.  Better yet, come on in and try it on us.  We love skeptics and we promise you will leave feeling encouraged to #beabetteryou.

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