Stop.  Just stop.  If only I could have you jot down a check mark for every time you allow yourself to think the words “I CAN’T”!  I would also like to have a dollar for every time you said those words out loud. I am pretty sure I would be rich.

Old Tapes

Think back to when you were a child…was there anything that you didn’t think you could do?  Goodness, I wanted to grow up to be a singer and I can’t carry a tune, but regardless, I BELIEVED that I could do it!  So what happened?  Somewhere someone told me that I couldn’t sing and I believed them.  One dream was squashed, only one, by someone else…how did that turn into a stream of consciousness of “I can’t”?

You may not even be aware of that ongoing stream, or what it often called “old tapes”.  These old tapes can be so ingrained into us that they play on a loop often it the background of our conscious thoughts.  These old tapes are what prevent us from being spontaneous, from getting out of our comfort zones, and from reaching our dreams.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • I really want to start working out, but I don’t know where to start…there is a gym around the corner, but I can’t go. I can’t pay for it. I can’t walk in there by myself.
  • That person looks pretty cool, I wonder if they are? I should go introduce myself…no, I can’t.  What if they don’t like me or think I am a weirdo?  I can’t.
  • I would love to take a painting class, but I have no talent, therefore I can’t.
  • I want to own a business, but what do I know about running a business? I wouldn’t be successful, so I can’t do it.
  • I would love to make that dinner, it looks amazing! But I can’t.

Personally, I limit myself continually by not only thinking “I can’t” but even catching myself saying it out loud.  I can’t cook.  I can’t be successful.  I can’t take on any more projects.  Um, really?  Why not?

You are Limiting Yourself

We are limiting ourselves with our limiting thinking!  We are letting someone else get into our heads and dictate our lives!  What would have happened if Walt Disney quit dreaming after he was fired from the Kansas City Star?  Imagine if R. H. Macy stopped creating retail stores when he experienced the closing of several previous ventures.  And where would we be if Colonel Sanders gave up on his dream of selling chicken?


You know you are guilty, so how do you stop the never-ending ‘I can’t” song?

The first step is awareness.  Be aware of your limiting thoughts.  This takes the ability to consciously look for those limiting thoughts.

The second step is to challenge them.  Ask yourself what will happen if you try.  Ask yourself what is the worst case scenario if you absolutely hate the experience at the gym?  At least you will know.  You will have more of an idea of what you are looking for.  ?  What if you go to the gym and you actually know someone there?  What if you make new friends?  What if you truly like it?    What if this one step is just the beginning?

The third step is to replace those thoughts with a positive one.  Something simple such as I can.  There is an old mind trick that has been used for decades.  Place a rubber band on one wrist.  Every time you find yourself going into those old thoughts, snap it.  That in itself can reprogram your thought process and stop those streams of consciousness.

As a child, another dream of mine was to write.  For years I was told that I had talent and would go on to do good things.  In high school, I took a writing class and didn’t do well…guess what?  I thought I couldn’t.  I had to become aware of that old song, challenge it and replace it.  After all, I am pretty sure you just read something that I wrote.😉

Are you ready to stop singing that old song?  Let’s make those dreams come true.  Call me.  Text me. I believe in you and you can too!  Message me with #beabetteryou and let’s change those I cant’s into I can!