Being a parent is similar to walking on a tightrope.  You don’t want to overstep, loose your balance, or drop your ever important balancing stick.  You hope  you are providing your child with the tools to become confidant adults without losing your way.  It’s a great thing that when we do fall, there is a safety net of others to pick up our slack.

My two boys are very different.  It amazes me how two children, just 19 months apart can demonstrate such different characteristics!  For one of my children, things come easily and he doesn’t seek out praise.  My other child struggles with confidence issues and becomes easily frustrated, which leads to tears (I wish I could say he didn’t get this from me).

Today was a growth opportunity for that child.  After a year of struggles in school, he tested well on reading.  Actually, he breezed through six different reading levels this school year.  In past years, he has chosen to be lacksidasical in his studies until the last quarter, where he would finish 3 quarters worth of work.

But I digress…tonight at Tae Kwando he began to cry when lost his way during a form.  I immediately stood up and provided some encouragement from afar, wanting to go and hug him and knowing he needed to stay on the mat and finish his class.

From deep within, he mustered the courage to press on and completed the forms correctly.  He stood taller and began to smile.  He maintained that confidence throughout the class.  As we left, we talked about how he felt class went, as we usually do.  He talked of becoming frustrated and confused, however once he knew his expectations, he was able to bring it all together.  I explained how proud I was of him that he stayed on the mat and even more importantly,  he was proud that he stuck it out.

We both learned lessons tonight.  He learned to trust himself and I learned to trust him.  I thank God everyday for these little people and I pray that He will guide all of us through our journeys.