You have heard the word, detox… but do you really understand WHY you should do it? The world is full of toxins, which means your body is full of them also.

Your body can hold up to ten pounds of sludge (toxins, poop, etc).  Take a moment and think about what that does to YOU!  Detoxing helps you increase your autoimmune system, which fights off illness, increases energy levels, and provides your body with the ability to eliminate what you don’t need.

Regular detoxing also helps you to fight weight gain, reduce bloat, and decrease puffiness.  If you are not yet ready for two day cleanse, one little daily dose can help you detox, alkalize, and energize with over 35 super-foods!  Available in three flavors: Berry, Orange, and Chocolate!

These little gems will keep you on top of your game!