Stop and Madness!

Seriously, take a look through the internet and you will find pictures of every shape and size of people trying to tell you to buy their product in order to lose weight. I admit it, as an It Works Rep, I am continuously making suggestions to my friends about a product that will help them look or feel better.

Did you catch that? Look or Feel better.

Intellectually, I know that beauty comes from within. First and foremost, you have to give your body proper nourishment. As a result of proper nourishment, you can expect beautiful skin, healthy hair and strong nails. Proper nourishment can also help you maintain a healthy gut that will reduce bloating and keep you regular.

The right nutrients will assist you in keeping a strong immune system, and high energy level.  I believe in plant-based products, so when I have a friend who has a need, of course, I want to provide them with the top of the line supplements that will enhance their wellness. If I didn’t share what I believe to be amazing, what kind of friend would I be?

Who am I do decide who is worthy of these products and who isn’t?


Beauty is also subjective. I put out a question the other day on my FB page asking what people thought was sexy. Ironically, the number one response was confidence Click To Tweet. It had little to do with physical attributes at all! So why on earth do we waste so much time worrying about our appearance?

Consider the impact that social media also brings.  We now have a new opportunity to compare ourselves with others. Unfortunately, we rarely know what photo is real and what has been altered. Therefore, unrealistic expectations continue to push us to a new level of frustration and negative thinking. Social media also offers an opportunity to participate in behind the scenes bashing.  We have all been there. Consider when we post a photo that we actually like of our self and someone says something derogatory. From that point on, the majority of us will remove that photo and begin to focus on the aforementioned negative area.

Stop the Madness

Just stop.

I tell myself this daily and honestly, there are days I tell myself that hourly. I am a woman. My body has given me babies. I have endured multiple surgeries and injuries. Yet, because of my physical appearance, I was reluctant to become an It Works Rep or a trainer at my gym. I was worried about how other people would perceive me and my products and services.

Honestly, that pisses me off. I am so irritated that I would allow my own self-perception to limit the impact I may have on others. Yet, I still get frustrated with myself when I am going to meet someone and I can’t find anything that looks “just right”.  I forget that five years ago I was undergoing major surgery that required extensive recovery. Or that 7 years ago I have just given birth.  My body has been through changes that apparently my mind has forgotten.

Embrace YOU

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. For instance, I LOVE my skin care line because it makes my skin look and feel fresh and glowing. However, globally, there is a sense of shame in wanting to do things to enhance our beauty. Seriously, what kind of crap is that? Why is it that we are shamed if we don’t look a certain way. When did it become the norm to be judged if we don’t fit into a certain size, and why are mocked for wanting to look and feel amazing?

I call bullshit.

Here is my advice.  Be comfortable in your skin. Enhance what make YOU stand out from the crowd. Let yourself be pampered. You work hard and you deserve some love too. Stop letting comparison steal your joy. When you continue to worry about your appearance, you lose out on the moments happening before your eyes. Stop the madness.


Personally, I have vacillated between 115 and 175 my adult life. Could I be a size 5? Probably. However, I am NOT willing to give up the things I enjoy and revert back to skin and bones. As a mom, I don’t want my boys to see an unhealthy person who is always so worried about my appearance that I won’t share that delicious dessert with them.

I want them to see me as a determined woman who works hard at her businesses and who works out because I want to be strong. They have watched me use my wraps and understand them to be a skin care treatment (which they are). They see my passion for helping others and my focus on being healthy and strong.

So, my friends, mock away. I love when I see memes regarding no wraps, pills or gimmicks. I know what it takes to become stronger…it takes exercising and watching what you eat. Additionally, I know that many people need some help overcoming a plateau or to feel less guilty after a cheat meal. Honestly, I don’t care what you have to do to focus on your own wellness, just do something and believe you are worth it.

Because you are!


Great Vibrations

Great Vibrations

Vibrating plates at Great Vibrations

In a world of instant gratification, it seems that everyone wants something yesterday.  Therefore, once a goal has been set if results aren’t immediate, that goal is no longer imperative.  Wellness is no exception.  As people age and become increasingly concerned with their overall health, many are looking for a quick fix.

What Makes A Gym

If you quickly do an internet search for Wellness you will find there are a variety of options that promise quick fixes.  Many of those introduce the opportunity to lose weight quickly.  Others offer the assurance that by using their product, you will feel better and look better instantly.  Subsequently, you will also find a variety of gyms in your immediate area, many of them providing you with a slew of different options for increasing your overall wellness.

What is more important in a gym, knowledge of staff or the cost of participation? Do the majority of people choose a gym based on previous experiences or in regard to what is offered?  It appears everyone is increasingly busy and as a result, rarely schedule in time for a full workout.  So, would we be more apt to utilize a 30-minute workout?  Furthermore, is it possible for a 30-minute workout to provide optimum results?

Vibrating Plates at Great Vibrations

It is with a vibrating plate.  This revolutionary technique is already being utilized by all of the NFL teams and Elite trainers from all over the world.  Why?  Vibrating plates utilize G-Force and the natural gravitation of your body. Vibrating anywhere from 30-45 times per second, vibrating plates force your muscles to work at 90% efficiency.  As a result, you fatigue faster while increasing lean muscle. Consequently, continued and regular use of a vibrating plate may also increase flexibility, increase bone density, increase metabolism, and provide a strong core.

Omaha is fortunate to have three unique gyms utilizing vibrating plates.  Aaron McKim is the CEO/Owner of Great Vibrations and credits the popularity of his gyms to today’s specific needs.  “Most people have no time, maintain little knowledge of HOW to train, have injuries, and have not had professional assistance with their wellness”.  After defining those key issues, he created a gym where he offers affordable options with direct professional assistance.  

Why McKim?

McKim has Master’s Degrees in both exercise physiology and nutrition in addition to two decades of experience managing gyms.  He utilizes those degrees to provide client centered workouts for everyone under his supervision.  Many times when people experience an injury from training, they heal and return to exactly what they were doing when the injury occurred.  Unfortunately, according to McKim, all people are not meant to participate in all exercises.  Consequently, getting to know a client’s health history, including nutrition and ongoing injuries, assists McKim in designing an intense workout with appropriate modifications.

Relationships are Key at Great Vibrations

McKim also works directly with other wellness providers in the area and offers their services within the gyms.  By knowing his clients on a more personal level, he is able to provide optimum guidance on both physical wellness and on the nutritional level.  Hence, increasing his clients chance of successfully meeting their goals.

Karen began attending Great Vibrations 4 years ago after she saw a Groupon advertising the gym.  After a significant back surgery left her feeling weak and out of shape, she began attending regular sessions.  She gained strength as she continued to increase her intensity of her workout sessions. She credits her relationship with her trainer and having individually based routines with keeping her coming back.

It is estimated that people who go to a gym and try to work out without assistance AND get desired results to be at 1/10th of 1 percent. Therefore, the rest of the population often becomes frustrated if they do not see immediate changes and stop going to the gym.
Great Vibrations offers a fitness program that works for anybody.  How is that possible? It takes honesty and accountability from both trainer and client.  The majority of people find success in a program when they are held accountable.  As a result, with classes of 5 or less, it is easy to identify when a member is absent and follow up with them. Additionally, clients often receive motivation from one another to perform optimally.

Try it Out

Intrigued?  Go to their website: to learn more.  Better yet, come on in and try it on us.  We love skeptics and we promise you will leave feeling encouraged to #beabetteryou.

Sign up now for your first session!

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Passion Prevails with Bonnie Eisenhart

Passion Prevails with Bonnie Eisenhart

For the majority of us, as we grow older and life becomes busier, we lose sight of our passions.  In this regard, Bonnie Eisenhart is no exception.  From a young age, she was an avid dancer and studied jazz, tap and ballet.  Growing older, she also found a deep seated love of musical theater.  As a result, Bonnie derived immense satisfaction from being on stage and engaging her audience.  Little did she know she would once again be the center of attention with The Barre Code and have her passion reignited.

Upon graduating from high school, Bonnie attended Carthage College in Wisconsin.  Here, Bonnie studied Business while actively participating in both her sorority and the College dance team. These experiences provided a sense of belonging and a flurry of never ending activities.  Graduation brought a move to Chicago and employment in the corporate world where she specialized in property management and functioned within a Global Researching company.  Consequently, as she learned more about business, she found herself missing the social interactions from her former activities.  Therefore, while she was growing professionally, she also felt as though she were lagging in other areas of her life.

Inspiration from The Barre Code

After leaving work one day back in 2010, Bonnie walked by The Barre Code in Chicago and was intrigued.  She was instantly hooked and as a result she began instructing classes 3 months later.   Finally, she discovered what had been missing in her life.  The relationships, the movements, in addition to her own personal growth.  As a result of walking through those days, she discovered what was in her heart, prompting her to continue working in both the corporate and for The Barre Code.  During this time, she studied and within the next 18 months, she was a master trainer.

Fast forward two years and introduce an incredible fiance and a move to Omaha, Nebraska.  With a little research, Bonnie discovered The Barre Code Dundee and reached out.  She was hired with the studio as a Master Trainer, instructing both classes and instructors. These experiences provided the stepping stones to her next adventure.  Hence, in 2017, Bonnie will be opening her own studio, The Barre Code West Omaha.  This will be the place where she will combine her passion and expertise to provide an eclectic wellness program for all ages.

Why Now?

For Bonnie, this is the right place and the right time for her to rise to her next level.  Because The Barre Code is a franchise, she already has corporate support.  In addition to Corporate and her own personal experiences, she now has the ability to create an empowering space designed for all fitness abilities.  With a personal belief in balance, Bonnie understands that moderation is the key to optimum happiness and is careful to balance her own personal life.  Therefore she makes sure to spend quality time with her new husband and her adorable puppy.  In addition, here’s a little known fact, Bonnie is an avid ice cream connoisseur, an indulgence she enjoys to balance her love for fitness.

Why The Barre Code?

Bonnie loves that The Barre Code is designed to meet the unique needs of a women’s body.  The Barre Code provides a low impact workout that can be modified for each individual’s own ability level.   She understands that building strength is imperative for women, particularly as they age, for the prevention of osteoporosis. The entire workout combines cardio, strength training and restoration, allowing a full body workout for optimum benefits.  Of particular importance are the core muscles, which are imperative for good posture, proper form and maintaining balance.

While she instructs her students, Bonnie is carefully monitoring her class participants on proper form.  Therefore she is always ensuring safety and good positioning, again which are critical for optimum function. By doing this, she ensures her client’s increase muscle strength while also building a trusting relationship with her, their instructor.

Why Bonnie?


Bonnie! Passion and Leadership Prevail!

Bonnie derives energy from her students.  She also believes in 3 key elements of instructing:

  • Courtesy – courtesy is extended to every person who enters her studio.  It can be seen between trainers, between trainers and students and among the students themselves.
  • Communication – communication is critical to provide a safe environment.  Bonnie is excellent at letting her students know what to expect, how many reps are left, and encourages each person to push harder.
  • Proactive vs reactive – knowing her students and understanding their individual needs helps Bonnie to teach each student to the best of their own ability.  Honesty is key in building those relationships that allow her to provide her best service possible.

Bonnie admits to being held to high standard by her students.  By holding her to high standards, she is pushed to continually improve upon herself and her skills.  Subsequently, seeing her clients exhilarated after a workout exhilarates Bonnie, also.  As a result, the student’s responses push her to work harder, to push herself more, and to ultimately become a better version of herself.

The Promise

Bonnie extends a promise to each of her students.  She promises that when each and every one of you walk out of her class, you will feel great! How?  She does this by EMPOWERING her students.  Each student is in complete control of their workout while being led by a specially trained instructor.  Upon completion of the workout, each student is guided through a cool down period to prepare them for re-entry into the outside world.

Leaving the studio, you will feel stronger and may even stand taller.  Often, first and second time students feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and have an intense desire to return for more.  The Barre Code provides a safe place for women of all ages to become stronger, leaner, and participate in a community of like-minded people. Let Bonnie's drive empower you to find your next fitness home with The Barre Code West. Click To Tweet

Furthermore, you can find out more about Bonnie and The Barre Code West at:   You may also follow Bonnie on FaceBook for updates on the new studio and follow her evolution.  Feel free to message her and join the mailing list for promotions and special events!  Finally, simply send her a message and introduce yourself to begin the next leg of your fitness journey!



The many faces of FEAR

The many faces of FEAR

fear lies!
FEAR  defined by Websters
verb, | fear | ˈfir
Definition of FEAR
:to feel fear in (oneself)
:to have a reverential awe of     (fear God)
:to be afraid of :expect with alarm,  fear the worst
:to be afraid or apprehensive    (feared for their lives)
January 1st typically  brings a slew of new resolutions, new goals and new ideas. It is an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, in addition to providing the opportunity to make  some positive changes.  Therefore, every New Year, we tend to stand tall and make  unrealistic resolutions.  Why?  The reasons are endless…regret, illness, injury, poor financial decisions, divorce, death, relocation, weight gain, poor diet, relationship issues, in need of spiritual direction…and fear.


We all have the ability to reach our goals.  Too many times what stands between us and our destination is within ourselves.  Previously, I had written a post about silencing the recurring old tapes in our minds.  In many cases, it is those nasty little comments we silently tell ourselves that stops us from succeeding.  Furthermore, those old tapes stop us dead in our tracks before we even make an effort to do something different than our norm.

Fear of Change

Complacency is comfortable. We are all provided amazing opportunities..however it is what we do with those opportunities that sets us apart from others. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Are you doing it?  What happened to your dreams? For the majority of people, blending in with the crowd continues to be more comfortable.  Therefore anything that makes us stand out puts on too much pressure, hence we stay frozen in place.

New relationships, relocation or even accepting a new position at work can send many of you into an anxiety ridden tailspin.  Why? Because we fear the unknown.  We doubt ourselves.  We are comfortable just where we are and whether we are happy or not fails to play into the dynamics.

Fear of Failure

Much as failure is a part of life, the majority of us don’t handle it well.  I don’t know one person that easily accepts failure.  Essentially, it feels like we are letting those old tapes win and giving credence to anyone who didn’t think we would be successful.  However, what if we changed our perspective?  What if we began to see failure for what it is?  First of all, an opportunity to learn, furthermore an opportunity to improve.

Imagine what would have happened in Michael Jordan gave up when he missed a shot?  We could all learn from his words of wisdom and his determination.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”. Michael Jordan

Fear of Success

To me, this is the most powerful realm of fear. Virtually everyone I know who has begun a new adventure initially panics and wants to backpedal.  Rather than move forward with blinders on, the majority of us become paralyzed by an inexplicable fear of succeeding.  Why?  What if we do succeed?  First of all, becoming successful further sets us apart from our comfort zone.  Becoming successful draws attention to us and raises people’s expectations, while additionally raising our own expectations.

God gave you the gift of life and an unlimited ability to achieve your dreams.  He did not create you to fail, nor has He instilled fear within you.  It is my opinion that when God places a dream within us, we are to go after it.  Therefore, when we sense a feeling of fear, we need to pray.  We need to reach out to those who support us, and we need to erase those nasty old tapes.

Let’s remember the wise words from an unknown source…

“But what if I fail?

Oh my darling, but what if you fly?”




Grief, It’s the Little Things

Grief, It’s the Little Things

Contrary to what people think about GRIEF, it’s the little things.  It’s not one giant reminder that propels us into a cascade of tears.

It’s the ornament forgotten in the box.  The musical globe unpacked from the Christmas tub.  The long forgotten shirt hidden in the back of a closet.  It’s the inability to text with a question or sarcastic comment.  It’s the memory of a long ago childhood that has been carefully tucked away.

Grief, 5 Stages

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified 5 stages of grief that must be gone through in order to move forward.  I don’t think we ever recover, we just learn to live a new normal with a void in our lives.  I have abbreviated the steps for this post, however for more information, follow this link.

*Denial – we have all been victims to denial.  This is especially true when we have lost someone we love.  Words such as “no, no, no, or in my case, “Mike Who” inevitably come out of our mouths as we try to convince ourselves that couldn’t have happened.  We tell ourselves and others anything to create the illusion that what is happening isn’t real.

*Anger – We become angry…sometimes at the person, sometimes at the world.  Furthermore, we question why that person would have been in that specific situation, why they didn’t help themselves, or why we didn’t help them.  Anger is debilitating and often comes alongside guilt.

*Bargaining – We play mind games with ourselves and try to make deals with God.  We think “if I can do this and that, than he will be OK” and so forth.

*Depression – heart wrenching, deep and dark feelings of emptiness or pain.  Feeling as though the world will never be the same…and it won’t, however being in the present hurts, so it is easier to live in memories.

*Acceptance – you understand the loss is real and recognize the your life has changed.  While you realize you will move forward, it is one small step at a time before you begin to find your new normal.

A New Normal

Many of us don’t like change.  We become comfortable in our predictable lives , therefore anything that occurs to underscore that normalcy is difficult.  When we lose someone we love, it seems like everything in our lives feels in chaos.  The predictability of a text, a phone call or cry in the night is gone.  The ability to walk into the kitchen and see our loved one has vanished.  Their smell, touch and the sound of their voice is just gone.

Consequently, a new normal is what life looks like after that loss.  While looking at us from from the outside it may not appear to be terribly different, however on the inside, many of us are forcing ourselves to get out of bed and face the day. Hence, others don’t see the struggle to go to the store and not shop for something special for our lost loved one, or see the sad smile as a long forgotten song begins to play.

A new normal means something different for everyone. With the holidays, keep in mind that not everyone will be celebrating this year.   Respect your friend who has no desire to put out a Christmas Tree.  Let them do things their way.  Let them grieve.  Share their memories and let them keep their loved ones alive.

Circle of Life

If only the Circle of Life was as easy as watching a Disney Move; consequently, we cry, we laugh, we go on with our day. The circle of life continues everyday; however, it seems like some days are just more difficult than others.  Shoot, maybe some moments are more difficult than others.  Don’t personalize your friend, for sometimes the anger is overwhelming and you are the unwilling outlet.  Consequently, forgive them and just let them be as they learn how to live their new normal.

And most of all, to everyone who is learning to find their new normal, God bless.  Do what you need to do for you.  Hold the little things close, and the memories of your loved once closer.  Furthermore, I give you permission to grieve your own way.


Weight Loss Warrior

Weight Loss Warrior

Sometimes you meet someone and you know they were put in your life for a reason.  I remember when I first met Alicia Fechtmeister; we were both standing outside Armbrust YMCA and I commented on how amazing she looked.  I had seen her around the Y and noticed she was working hard and her weight loss was showing dramatically in the shape of her face and the confidence she now bestowed.

I have watched this woman continue her weight loss journey for the past two years and she continues to be inspiring to those around her.  She supports her counterparts and she has become a contestant in early morning spin classes.

Today I talked with her about her wellness journey and what prompted her to change her lifestyle.  Alicia and Bob both graduated from Lincoln and began the American Dream.   With a business and five children ranging in ages from 5 – 16, they are incredibly busy.  While Bob is a runner, Alicia really didn’t participate in any wellness activities as she was focused mainly on keeping her large family up and running.

The Beginning

Three years ago, she took her two boys to watch Bob run the Lincoln marathon.  She saw a picture of her with Bob and the boys and she couldn’t believe that was actually her.  Many thoughts went through her mind, including:

“I don’t like how I look”…

“I didn’t like how I feel”…

“I wanted to look good for my husband (although she knows that he loves whatever size she is)”…

“I want to be healthy.”

The Journey

She didn’t want to wait until a doctor told her she needed to lose weight or until she suffered a heart attack to get into shape, so she made some changes in her life.   She and her family joined Armbrust YMCA and she started attending one class per week.  Shortly after that, she began the FAST program and learned about balancing what went into her body with what went out.  Soon after, she was all in.

Initially weighing in at 236, she upped her classes to 7 days per week.  Alicia found she loved spin class and combined with the FAST Program, she began to see changes in her weight and her body.  Alicia reports it was “liberating” to not have to shop in the fat aisle at the store!


During this time, her husband continued to run.  He and a friend were doing a 5K and asked her to join them.  She and her sister joined the guys and her sister kept pace with her until she completed her very first 5K!  That started a love/hate relationship with running.  To this day she still doesn’t love it, but it is something that she and Bob can do together.


Alicia has found continued support from her husband and her sisters, along with various members at the YMCA.  While her weight has fluctuated some, she continues on her journey and is the first to admit that she is not where she wants to be; this is not the end of her journey.

I didn’t ask her what her final goal is, I just shared that she continues to be a motivator for others.  This past weekend, Alicia ran the Lincoln ½ marathon.  Admittedly, this is not something she ever thought she would do and she finished strongly with a 12 ½ minute pace!  Bob ran by her side, supporting and encouraging her the whole way.  She says she is overwhelmed by the number of people who sent her texts and messages encouraging her along her run and didn’t realize how many people were pulling for her!

Giving Back

Ultimately, Alicia wants to give back.  She has invited other Y members to the Color Run with her and she has promised to run at their pace, just has Bob and her sister did for her.  Has she made an impact on her children?  Bob will say she has.   Last week their youngest child was on a workout machine and said:  look daddy, I’m getting healthier, I’m exercising, I’m just like mommy”.

You never know who you may be impacting or who may be observing.  As Alicia has learned, her journey just isn’t about her, but those who are watching and being motivated by her determination.