I have a confession.  I am cheap.  I will save $100 and buy a smaller version of the Refrigerator (I am no longer allowed to choose the appliances in our kitchen, rightly so).  I will go for the lowest premium payment for insurance.  I shop for the least expensive products as possible.

So, when my husband told me he wanted to buy a commercial grade water slide, I vetoed it.  NOPE…

NADA…how much?

Absolutely not…


WE DON”T NEED THAT, blah blah, blah.

We have always had water slides.  My husband is a master at purchasing them used and patching them up for the season.  Last year was the first one we were “water slide-less” and while it  was a bummer, we made it through.

This year was different.

Our youngest will be going into 1st grade and our oldest will be going into 3rd.  They still love to play in the water and they especially love having their friends over to play on a water slide.

I still didn’t want to spend the money.  And than my husband said this:”  how many summers will we have them home and WANT to slide?”  And than he said “it’s only money.”

WOW!!!  stopped me in my tracks…right there.

So we bought the slide.  I was the first one down and it was a blast!  The kids played on it for hours with their friends.  Our neighbors gathered in our yard and we sat around and shared some food and drink while the kids laughed and the adults took pictures.

After all, it’s only money.

We can always make more.  Our boys will never be this little again.

Thank you, honey for buying the slide.